Blessing Empowerment of Medicine Buddha


Sunday 1 December 10.00am – 4.30pm


Kalpa Bhadra Buddhist Centre, 24 Rugby St, Merivale, Christchurch

About the Empowerment

On this special day course Kelsang Luma will grant the blessing empowerment of Medicine Buddha.

Medicine Buddha is the Healing Buddha, also called Buddha Doctor, whose function is to release living beings from outer and inner sickness by bestowing blessings upon them.
According to Buddha all suffering and sickness, mental and physical, are caused by our negative minds such as anger, attachment and ignorance.  By connecting with Medicine Buddha we can experience the pure nature of our mind, and heal ourselves of these inner diseases. Through meditating on his practice we will also receive special energy of body, speech and mind, which enables us to help others through healing actions.

The empowerment is a blissful guided meditation during which we will receive the blessings of Medicine Buddha, the embodiment of all enlightened healing energy.  In the afternoon, our Resident Teacher, Kelsang Luma, will explain a daily practice we can engage in, in order to awaken our own potential to become an enlightened healing Buddha.

These empowerments only happen once a year in Christchurch so don’t miss out on this blissful day of connecting to Medicine Buddha.

Who is the Empowerment for?

The Empowerment is suitable for everyone including beginners! You don’t need to be a Buddhist to attend or benefit. It is especially suitable for those who have been attending the Centre regularly and wish to go a little deeper and to discover more about the tantric aspects of Buddhism, where we use the power of our imagination and deeper levels of mind to accomplish powerful inner transformation.

What will happen at the Empowerment?

An empowerment, takes the form of a series of guided meditations which bestow upon us special blessings that heal our mind and awaken our potential to become pure enlightened beings.  The teacher guiding the empowerment will have engaged in a week of silent retreat to prepare for guiding the meditations. Empowerments are also special opportunities to meet with other spiritual practitioners.

Are there any commitments I should know about?

Everything will be clearly explained during the empowerment, and there is no requirement to take any commitments. It is possible to take the empowerment simply with a good motivation to benefit ourself and be of benefit to others.


Cost: $65 – includes lunch and afternoon tea.
Booking is essential, so please book online now, or contact the Centre to book your place.


9.50 – 10.00am: Registration

10.00 – 12.30pm: Empowerment

12.30 – 2.00pm: Lunch break

2.00 – 3.00pm: Teaching

3.00 – 3.30pm Afternoon tea

3.30 – 4.30pm: Teaching

What to expect at a class

This is a special Buddhist ceremony, but you do not need to be a Buddhist to attend.

There is no physical exercise involved and you can choose to sit either in a chair or on a cushion.